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One that learns how you write, knows how you can improve - and keeps you focused.

We're building the world's first intelligent, digital coach for writers everywhere. 

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Built by writers, for writers and based in behaviour change science, Prolifiko understands how to make you a better, more productive writer:  

- Stop procrastinating, kill your distractions & stay focused 

- Find protected, dedicated writing time in your week

- Stop fearing the blank page and feel motivated again

- Stay productive - stop quitting, start finishing!

As featured in:

Discover the writing coach that helped author Wyl Menmuir get longlisted for the 2016 ManBooker Prize for his debut novel, The Many

 Read the full story in The Guardian

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Get focused 

Our small steps system provides a laser-like focus on what you need to achieve next. 

Reflect & learn

Super-simple tracking makes your writing process plain to see.

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Stay motivated

Nudges, streaks & rewards keep you to deadline & moving forward with your goals. 

Improve & progress

Coaching tips & personalized writing data help you improve, optimise & keep writing.  

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Win a 121 coaching session based on your writing style and interests - plus a full feedback report on how to improve. 

A full manuscript read worth over £300

Win a full professional 50,000 word manuscript read of your work plus a full feedback report.

Prolifiko's a cracking app. It put me on the road to anti-crastination (real word). I heartily recommend it.

Natalie Persoglio

Prolifiko's going great guns for me. I completed a 5 week goal the other day. It's of great value and likely to remain so.

Robert Winter

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